We had fantastic turnout and great fun, at the first SEA meeting on Monday!

Meet 7pm in the student org space next Thursday, the 11th of September!  Watch this fantastic Documentary for FREE: http://wip.warnerbros.com/11thhour/mainsite/site.html

Discussion to follow, refreshments provided!  Enjoy a free movie and wrap it up with some stimulating conversations!  A great way to meet people, grow personally, and come up with some ideas about what can be done… by us!  Just show up at the student org space on the 2nd floor of the Commons.

Then, on Sunday at noon, we need everyone to come out and give some tlc (tender loving care) to our Adopt-a-road area on Wilkens Ave.  Meet us in the student org space at noon and we’ll head over there together!

**Commons 329!**
See everyone Mondays at NOON in our NEW ROOM on the 3rd floor of the commons for our super fun meetings!