Gardening Committee 1st Mtng!………….. Tues, Oct 21st 1-2pm Student Org Space. email your attendence and questions and stuff to catherine at cpasq1@umbc_edu basically- we want a community garden on campus, and we are gonna figure how to make it happen & do it. rock on! email her if you want to be part of it & can’t make it to the meeting as well.

GREEN (& ORANGE) Yer Dorm! …………….Tues & Wednes, Oct 21st & 22nd  So as a fundraiser we’re selling plants on the Commons Mainstreet… 11am-2pm.  You best be there.  Green plants and PUMPKINS available! email Brian at odohert1@umbc_edu volunteer to help ussss. HELPPPP!

Gore-Tastic Gore-Cast (Free Pizza and Al Gore)………..Wednes, Oct 29th 7:30pm AlGore will be speaking with us LIVE to tell us how much he loves us, POWEVOTE, and the planet.  What could be better? UH THE FREE PIZZA we won?  See you in the Commons Sport Zone! email John at djohn1@umbc_edu

Reppin’ the environment (aka treehuggers) at SGA’s HalloweenFest……. Fri, Oct 31st 1-4pm Here’s the game plan:

  • sell pies, pumkins, things
  • have pie-a-treehugger cardboard cut out fun thing?
  • apple bobbing if its legal
  • caramael apple making
  • idk i’m just making stuff us, tell us if you come up with any ideas by emailing
  • lipinsk1@umbc_edu (danni)

1nite stand!………………..Sat, Nov 1st-2nd Camp out in Elk Neck State Park with us!  It appears I failed to write down the names of people helping plan logistics like transport, provisons(foods! we have aquired the funding, just need to decide what to get and get it. previous brainstorming has candy corn, smores, apple cider, hot cocoa, and some sort of actual dinnner and bfast on the menu) and transport (we need to arrange carpool to there- gas money will be provided to drivers) and equiptment (so everyone has space in someone’s tent, a sleeping bag, there is fire/cooking things, and such.) clearly i’m a need assistance so email me as soon as possible, we’ll have a meeting or discussion board or something and we’ll have a very fun, sucessful trip!  the good news is, not only do we have a sweet all expenses paid one night stand for you all, it’s also Brandon (headmaster of sustainability) birthday & Leah is making a not surprise by still glorious appearence. shes alumni of sea returning from the west coast for a short time to join us! email tanvig1@umbc_edu cause i… NEED… HELP!!!

We’re featured on UMBC Underground! Yay! even more media coverage!

(you too should write letters to your elected officals, administration, and public via letters to the editor and submit articles supporting your views and your cause- be it environmental or otherwise.

****Email Mary at mnorell1@umbc_edu to help with the campaign- class raps, d-hall canvassing, & tabling!