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Alternative Service Break Sign up: Sun, Feb 1st
Climate Change Teach-in/ Recyclemania: Thurs, Feb 5th
GES COM semester Kickoff Meeting: Wednes, Feb 11th, Noon, Commons 327
CUERE seminar: Fri, Jan 30th, 2pm
GES Seminar Series

Alternative Service Break Sign up: Sun, Feb 1st
4pm Student Involvement Center- Bring $38 deposit
Please consider taking part in the Environmentally focused ASB- stay in Baltimore working with the Parks and People Foundation and connecting with the local community along with biking, canoeing/kayaking, camping, teaching children, planting gardens and connecting with new friends. lodging, meals, transportation, etc included. Only 10 people per group.
Climate Change Teach-in/ Recyclemania kickoff: Thurs, Feb 5th
11am: kickoff on commons mainstreet
11-2: fair on commons mainstreet
2-3:30: Arts in Flat Tuesdays, Commons
4-6: Panel in Library Gallery
7-9:30 Film & Discussion

CUERE SEMINAR: Friday, January 30, 2009/ 2:00 PM
UMBC Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education
Spring 2009 Seminar Series
Joe Berg, Biohabitats Inc.Baltimore, MD
“A Regenerative Design Approach to Integrating Water Resource Restoration in Urban Watersheds”
Location: UMBC, Technology Research Center, Room 206
Driveway entrance is near Poplar Avenue and Shelbourne Road,
Building 38 on the UMBC map.  Driving directions can be found at
P. Brian Fisher
University of California, Irvine
“Reframing Global Climate Change:  Human Security and Climate Effects in
Mon Feb 2, 9-10 AM Cart Lab
David Lansing
Ohio State University
“Farming Carbon:  The Dynamics of Carbon Sequestration Offsets in Costa Rica”
Fri Feb 6, 11-12 Cart Lab
Rebecca Romsdahl
University of North Dakota
“Adaptation Planning for Potential Climate Change Impacts on the Northern
Great Plains:  Attitudes, Policy, and Barriers”
Mon Feb 9, 9-10 AM Cart Lab
Matthew Huber
Clark University
“Lifeblood:  Geographies of Petro-Capitalism in the United States”
Fri Feb 13, 11-12 Cart Lab

Paul Baer
Stanford University
“Global Burden Sharing and Global Emissions Targets:  Equity, Uncertainty
and the Relationship Between The Two”
Mon Feb 16, 9-10 AM Cart Lab



Join us for the nationwide youth conference held right in DC Feb.  Join the 15 of us already registered and stay with our memebers who live in the dc area to be part of this historic, empowering, inspiring weekend of workshops, speakers, networking, activism, lobbying, with other idealistic students who care passionately about the environment! =D 

ps09 awesome website check it out!