1. Our regular Monday noon meetings are located in the Student Organization Space, on the 2nd floor of the commons (next to upper flat tuesdays and the game room). Lasting an hour and including a discussion on an interesting eco-topic and updates on our events, goals, and actions. Anyone is encouraged to attend, and welcomed to share their ideas and input!
  2. Core group meetings will be held every Friday at 12pm in the Student Org Space to plan a lot of the events. Please come if you are interested in being more involved. P.s. officers- you have to come please.
  3. EcoFest planning meetings are Tuesdays 1-2 in the student org space. Please come and bring ideas! The more help the better.


On Feb 2 we discussed the merits and problems with large scale solar plants. On Feb 9 we discussed carbon offsets by carbon sequestration and investing in renewable energy sources.


Events Schedule:

Feb 16- Ecofest planning meeting 1pm Student Org Space

Feb 18- Wednesday.7-9pm Skylight lounge. Chesapeake Bay Foundation President, Will Baker, will speak about the Chesapeake Bay through the

Feb 23-Ecofest planning meeting 1pm Student Org Space


Feb 27- Mar 2- Powershift. DC convention center. Campaign for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act. Workshops, a rally, and lots of other cool stuff! Check it out at


Mar 2-Ecofest planning meeting 1pm Student Org Space

Mar 6- SEA & GES COM aquarium trip! Meet at 4pm to leave. $8 plus money for parking.

Mar 9-Ecofest planning meeting 1pm Student Org Space

Mar 16-20- Spring Break!

Mar 21- Tree planting

Mar 23-Ecofest planning meeting 1pm Student Org Space

Mar 27-28- Jug Bay Camp-out on Friday night, followed by a very fun, very messy wetland cleanup on Saturday. Potential for night hike and cute amphibians- get excited!

Apr 4- Fort McHenry Clean-up with the National Aquarium- in wetlands with waders!

Apr 10- Adopt-A-Road 12pm. Come help us clean up and watch a great safety video to boot! (Come play in the street with us!)

April 24- ECOFEST!!

  • 11-2 fair on Erikson Field
  • 4:00-6:00 Speakers


  • 6:00- 8:00 Bands and music!


  • 8:00-10:00 Movie/Documentary


Note: EcoFest planning meetings are Tuesdays at 1pm in the Commons. Be there or be square.

May 1-3 Camp-out in Patapsco State Park followed by:

May 3- Garlic Mustard Challenge 12-4pm. Patapsco State Park.