In honor of today’s snow day, our usual meeting at noon has been canceled.
However, don’t think that just because there are no classes today that you
can get away without any homework! Your assignment is this: GO PLAY
OUTSIDE! Build a snow sculpture, make a snow angel, ‘borrow’ a dining hall
tray and go sledding- then tell us your fun stories at next week’s

Powershift(– the youth climate change conference in dc) was a huge success- there were a ton of awesome speakers and
some great bands! Everyone had a great time! There are some other upcoming events that you should know about:

Tuesday, March 2-EcoFest planning meeting 1pm Student Org Space- You
should come! there might be brownies involved! (contact brandon at cobra1

Friday, March 6- SEA is going to the National Aquarium in Baltimore!
Meet at 4pm on the commons circle to leave. Please contact me (Becca
Reeves- rreeves1 if you are interested in driving. It will $8 plus money ($2-3 per person) for parking. I was also thinking it would be fun to go out for pizza in Fells Point afterward, so bring $5 for dinner too! (so, roughly $15 for a night of fun and frogs- and fish too I guess)

Also, Tanvie’s Parks and People ASB has two more spots open, so go
Jordanna Spencer’s office in the Student Org Space on the 2nd floor of the
commons to sign up.

Enjoy your snow day!

Peace, love, and trees,
Becca Reeves
Secretary, SEA