Monday, March 30, 2009 Student Org Space, Commonsrd Floor




Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Commons, 3






rd has been 










– On campus clean-up with Karin Readel! Saturday. Meet at lot 13 at 8am to start.

 to make sure there are enough supplies and refreshments! 





Apr 4

– Campus Activites Fair- we need volunteers to table





Apr 10



– Adopt-A-Road 12pm. Come help us clean up and watch a great safety video to boot! (Come play in the street with us!) 




Apr 13

– Maryland Student Climate Coalition Summit at St. Mary’s




 -Quadmania: ECOFEST T-shirt Sale


April 24


– ECOFEST!! On Erickson Field 

 Note: EcoFest planning meetings are Tuesdays at 1pm in the Commons student org space. Be there 




May 1-3

Camp-out in Patapsco State Park followed by:





May 3

– Garlic Mustard Challenge 12-4pm. Patapsco State Park.

or be square.




Be sure to RSVP with Karin (


Schedule of Important events:






Apr 4

postponed until next semester.

There will be a planning meeting for EcoFest and other upcoming events on

THURSDAY, APRIL 2 at Becca’s apartment. Tangier 541, West Hill. (Middle building,

the end closest to the loop). Call Becca with questions (301)-919-3443. There will be


EcoFest planning meetings are Tuesdays 1-2 in the student org space. Please come and

bring ideas! The more help the better.

Last Friday’s baked goods/ plant sale made $75- nice job everyone! A big thanks for

everyone that brought items to sell, or helped work the table!

Last weekend’s night hike and clean-up at Jug Bay was a great success! We found a lot

of amphibians and cleaned up a lot of trash! Nice work everyone!

The re-structuring discussion has been tabled until after EcoFest, and we then we will

also hold elections. Start thinking of what you want to run for!


The SEA Date Auction and Fundraiser Dinner previously planned for April 3