UMBC Captures Two Second-Place Awards in Recyclemania Competition

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Despite the strong competition among other Maryland colleges and universities, UMBC held its own at the 2009 Recyclemania competition, capturing two second-place awards in most-recycled corrugated cardboard and bottles and cans. Students are recycling now more than ever, according to Recyclemania results, and UMBC was among the six universities with improved scores from 2008. In the Grand Champion Competition, which measures the greatest achievement in source reduction and recycling, UMBC raised its 2008 percentage of 11.10% to 20.48%. The campus also increased the amount of paper recycled per person with 2.27 pounds versus 1.77 in 2008. The amount of cans and bottles recycled per person increased from 1.24 to 1.63. * Source: Insights Weekly:

I think we can do better than less than 2 cans/bottles recycled per person!

More resources on how to recycle @ UMBC:

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Want to make a difference in regards to recycling on campus? There is a recycling Committe that students are welcome to attend every other Tuesday where Facilities Management & the Commons & student representatives meet to discuss how to promote and manage the recycling here.

Participate in the Poll before only if you are a UMBC student, please! =)

“UMBC Recycles” t-shirts