students @ UMBC make website on wind power

Geography and Environmental Systems research and art skillz combine to create something pretty cool.

The Mills Family Gets a Wind Turbine,” a Web site created by students in both the visual arts and geography and environmental systems departments. The retro, 1950s-style site includes five Webisodes about the fictional Mills family, who decide to put a wind turbine in their backyard.

The project was initiated by Professor and Chair of the Department of Geography and Environmental Systems Sandy Parker, who contacted UMBC’s Imaging Research Center (IRC) about doing a documentary-style film on wind turbines and wind power. At the time, IRC Researcher and Associate Director Lee Boot was about to begin teaching a spring 2009 IRC Fellows class about social media.

Check it out here:

Biodiesel Achievements

Other UMBC Students we’re impressed with? How about them biodiesel kids! As their name suggests, the Biodiesel club creates the fuel, recycling dining hall oil perhaps, at a local farm.

Find out more, and get invovled with it

the paradox of constructing a Green Space: Old and New

Old Green Space? That’s the sculpture garden…

The new one is the imProve it campaign winner…

And finally, we have our newest building, the Fine Arts Building hopefully bestowed with LEED (aka earth-friendlier design) Certification:

In addition to being a linchpin of UMBC’s humanities education and a magnet for artistic events in the larger community, the university and the design team – Grimm and Parker Architects and William Rawn Associates – are also aiming for a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The new facility would be the first building on campus to qualify for this third-party rating of the building’s environmental efficiency.

You can keep updated at the school’s official sustainability site, too.