At the leading edge of this movement, Baltimore City Public Schools Director of Food and Nutrition Anthony Geraci hopes to make Baltimore a showcase for healthy, tasty, sustainably produced food. His plan includes

— a 33-acre organic farm and agro-ecological education center in Catonsville — planting community gardens at every Baltimore school — reviving on-site cooking of locally-sourced school meals — “Meatless Mondays” (first school system in the US!) — teaching students how to grow, cook, and market good food — a student-run, organic “Great Kids Café” at BCPS headquarters — creating food-related materials for teaching science, history, art, culture — using broadcast and online media for nutrition and environmental education

It’s a very ambitious vision. He welcomes help from UMBC for research, internships, and collaboration. Please join other interested students and staff in UMBC’s Blackboard Community: The Baltimore School Food Project We are working with the BCPS to create opportunities for internships, volunteering, research, technical training, workshops, symposia, and food-related coursework. The project needs students from all disciplines and backgrounds. We’re also organizing to develop a community garden, a farmers market, and other healthy food options at UMBC. For more info, enroll in The Baltimore School Food Project (a Blackboard Community). Or contact: Professor Warren Belasco c/o American Studies Dept., or SEA secretary, Tanvi.