Hi all, notes from yesterday’s SEA meeting below:

Wednes, Oct 28- 11am-2pm UC Plaza Halloween Health Fair:
We have a bunch of people who signed up for tabling, but need more people from 1-2pm
kim, jon, hua- Catherine- making display- email her content you want to submit cpasq1,
Hua is picking up produce from the Commons that Chartwells is donating for decorating our table- (sustainable agriculture/food choices)
Brandon is making copies of the Community Garden Flyers

Fri, Nov 6 at 3:30 trashmonster funeral & tire swing creation
Help us clean up and move out our scultpure then use the tire to contruct a swing 🙂

Sat, Nov 7 at 10:30 am: meet at Commons Circle for the Patapsco State Park Hike/FUN
Bring a picnic! We’ll walk on over to the park and explore. We’ll be back by 1:30ish.
advertising- mary, hua, & kim (eddie will submit to reslife)

Sat, Nov 14th- Leave from Commons loop at 9:30am- arrive at 10am
Great Kids Organic Farm Trip- in Catonsville. respond to this message if you’d like the details
email mhall13 to get/give rides to and carpool

Nov 18th- Bake Sale
Bake fall themed stuff, need to reserve a place b/c Commons Breezeway is NOT available… UC plaza or Commons Mainstreet? Need to decide.
Megan- making Flyer! 🙂

https://umbcsea.wordpress.com bookmark it baby!

On a final note, while there has been an amazing amount of support and enthusiasm for the community garden proposal on so many levels, departments, and administrators, I’m afraid I may not be able follow through with it. I can’t do it alone and there has been limited interest in joining the team (except for Paul. & students who are disqualified to be on the team due to their involvement in SGA or SEB etc). Therefore, unless new people decide they are willing to be invovled, this may fall through. I haven’t lost all hope just yet though!
contact: umbcgarden
Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested.
The proposal so far: http://docs.google.com/View?id=df848b8w_83nm7vxfq

Thanks, Happy Halloween Everyone!
(& Happy Birthday & 1yr Brandon! =P)