Congratulations to our new elected officers!
President: Mary Norell
Vice President: Brandon Cottom
Secretary: Kyria Giordano
Treasurer: Meron Tesfaye & Elysabeth Stuehrmann
Advocacy: Jon Cleary
Educational Outreach: Laura Bartlock
Service: Doug Stull
Campus Sustainability: Maddy Hall & Kim Haines
Group Development: Max Tucker
Monday, Dec 14, Noon, Commons 318- bring food instead of meeting we’ll be eating =)
Friday, Dec 18th- End of the year party, 8:30pm:
-Black light party- wear a white t-shirt, bring highlighters & markers to write on them with
-Theme: Polka Dots, bring twister, theme related or other food/drink to share (tell us what you are bringing in your rspv)
-Email reply RSPV to get the location & contact # to call (walker apt)
-Celebrate the Graduation of Fawn Marie Golden, Bryan Perry & Tanvi Gadhia
-Celebrate SEAAAAAA!!!!