MONDAY, April 19

Event: Recycle Box Decoration and Distribution, Electronics Recycling and Invasive Plant Removal
Time/Location: 11:00AM – 2:00PM on the Terrace
Facilities management is coming to you! Recycling seems to be a burden and an extra step for us to take that we don’t always have time for when trying to be good stewards of our environment. Our goal is to make recycling easy and fun! Bring all your electronics to one location where we will take care of it. You can also pick up a decorated box for your own room to make recycling easier. This is a bin that can be taken out with the trash but emptied into the recycling bins instead of the trash rooms.

TUESDAY, April 20

Event: FREE Store and Plant Sale!
Time/Location: 11:00AM – 2:00PM on the Terrace
SEA is providing you with free stuff! Come to the free store to get what you may want or need. We have collected items that students no longer want and are willing to give away. This is a wonderful way to re-use resources. Instead of purchasing something new, come to our store. At the same time SEA is selling plants and herbs in small cups that you can put on your windowsill. Start your own herb garden!


Event: The First UMBC Farmer’s Market
Time/Location: 11:00AM – 2:00PM on the Terrace
Chartwells and SEA have invited local farmers to bring their produce to campus! Do you need groceries? Do you lack a meal plan? Come to purchase seasonal food items and support our local farms. If the farmers receive a lot of support, Charwells is in support of UMBC having a long-term farmer’s market program on campus! Please come and enjoy! This event is CASH ONLY.
For more information, visit the farmer’s market facebook event page:

THURSDAY, April 22
Event: Organic T-shirt sale!!
Time/Location: 11:00AM – 2:00PM on the Terrace
Come to purchase t-shirts with unique designs on them that are made from organic materials! They’re environment friendly and help support SEA!

FRIDAY, April 23

Event: FAIR for Earth Week!
Time/Location: 11:00AM – 12:00PM on Main Street
Come to learn about what UMBC is doing to be green! Find out what courses at UMBC address environmental issues and sustainability and what courses will be offered next semester! There will be information about green jobs, local businesses, organic food, and more!!!

Event: Captain Planet Costume Party and Bands!
Time/Location: 6-9:30 PM in the Harbor Courtyard and Harbor Multipurpose room
Come out to eat organic home cooked food and to watch the captain planet show with SEA! There will be an outdoor band playing, prizes and more!