There are a number of scenic and enjoyable trails within and surround UMBC.  We are putting together a little guide to help the campus community find and explore the natural areas in walking and biking access of the campus.

Tire Swing: Right outside the circle- walk from the daycare center on  


Pig Pen Pond:

Rope Bridge:

Walking directions from campus to Pataspco State Park:

If you take the “campus loop rd” that goes by the Research Park- after you walk under the overpass- you are still on the shoulder of the ramp onto I-195- you will see a trail on the right, it’s fairly noticeable. That will take you up to Rolling Road. If you cross the road go right on it you come to a trailhead- that’s at Patapsco State Park and goes along a stream and you eventually get to the River and “lost lake” and all that.


the Herbert Run Greenway Map

the Herbert Run Greenway Map

email thetanvi@gmail to contribute areas, comments, questions.


9 Responses to “green spots & trails on campus”

  1. SEA Says:

    […] green spots & trails on campus […]

    1. Kevin L. Says:

      I’m curious, where is this trail to Patapsco River Valley State Park? I’ve been there so much that it is practically my backyard, and walking there on a trail from campus would be an improvement over what I’ve been doing.

      So far, I’ve been “hoofing” it up the actual cement overpass incline and then walking along the ramp to get to the park entrances to the Soapstone Branch (purple) trail where all the trailbikers enter. An actual path would be much appreciated.

      Also, where is this tire swing? I only get to swing by that area once in a while, but I have yet to see it. Found the rope bridge though.

      Thanks for the map.

      1. umbcsea Says:

        if you continue past further beyond that overpass along the exit ramp, the trail is on the right and goes through the woods.

        The tire swing has been cut down this semester, we found another tire and once we get some rope we will replace it.

  2. Kevin L. Says:

    Thanks, I marched out found it today. It was further out than I thought it would be–I thought google maps was just misplacing the line. It’s location makes a lot of sense, since everything before that would go through private property.

    …only to find that the park has done service, collapsing a monument of a fallen tree into the trail, and the trail has been overrun by a the soapstone branch, so they had the audacity to close the trail 😉 That made the experience that much more interesting.

    Nice of UMBC to have a trail to what has to be the best state park.

    Thanks again.

    1. The first state park in Maryland FYI.

      Also Tanvi, I think i have a geodatabase around here somewhere with all of the trails and markers and stuff. Want me to send you a KML with the GPS tracks?


    2. umbcsea Says:

      Hi Kevin,
      We put that trail on that google map ourselves! You can add your favorite landmarks and trails to it as well.
      Glad you found a use for it.

      1. Kevin L Says:

        Cool, though I’d be here a while if I were to add all the park trails to it, that place might as well be my backyard for I spend so much time in there. If you have a database of trails and such for the park, I know my vote is to share it, because there’s always something new to find there..and as I’m sure ya’ll know, their park map is so heinously inaccurate that it is funny. (e.g. charcoal trail)

        Anyhow, of course I’d find out about this at the _end_ of the semester. I’ll have to check out the club come spring.

      2. umbcsea Says:

        Kevin L, hopefully you can stop by the meeting in the upcoming weeks – or better yet – come to our overnight amphibian study and water shed clean up this upcoming weekend – check out the updates for more information, or just e-mail from the contacts list

  3. Rosita Eich Says:

    Superb site, where did you come up with the info in this posting? Im glad I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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